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About Choize Tv

CHOIZE Digital TV Broadcast is a global premium television network and multimedia entertainment company dedicated to offering quality entertainment and premium content from across the globe to our esteemed customers around the world.

With its headquarters in Washington DC, the company has commenced on its plan of expanding and establishing its footprint in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, South America and Southern Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

We set a noble goal to be one of the leading players in the provision of top-notch digital television content by harnessing the skills and resources of leading content providers, production companies and distributors from countries across the world continents.

We recognize the need to improve the exposure of culture in every region in the development of multimedia entertainment industry and we remain resolute to operate globally; ultimately bridging the cultural gap across the globe through innovative and relevant entertainment programmes as well as informative content.

Our Purpose

Choize Digital TV and Entertainment exists to positively impact the lives of our communities by bringing unparalleled innovation, round the clock access to information and creating impactful empowerment opportunities in the communities we operate.

We also set a mission to provide a range of multimedia television channels, which command respect and relevance in quality content. Our widespread acclaim of sound culture and tradition at Choize Digital TV is to facilitate access for everybody who deserves to watch and enjoy excellent quality entertainment, access to information and connectivity,  regardless of their economic and social status across the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value and enhance the lives of our communities through the creation and delivery of innovative ideas and exquisite contents that not only resonate but create opportunities for growth and empowerment.

We are strongly committed to setting an agenda towards promoting capacity building initiatives that will seek to encourage an active collaboration and interchange of professional ideas and cultural values between local industry practitioners and foreign participants in the development and sharing of indigenous contents for our global audience.

Our Values


  • •Commitment to high level of standards and Innovation
  • •High degree of passion and professionalism
  • •Integrity in service
  • •Responsible to the community that we serve
  • •Adherence to high moral principles



These are the values that define why we are who we are.